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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Are the Cats This Winter

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My cats do not like winter at all. Big Bella doesn't come to the door when it is open, because she looks outside and sees the snow. It is just not her thing. Lexie, the escape artist got out a week ago and it was only 3 degrees outside. She was out for about twenty minutes if that and she was begging me to let her in the house. A first!! She was sitting there holding one of her paws in the air. Yes, she was cold, but soon made her way to the couch and my blanket.

Jasmine sits and looks out the door as I open it to let the dogs in, but she hasn't try to go out. Jasmine is back to her old self again. When she was a kitten up to a year old, she bothered me something awful for attention. So, I got her Bella and that kept her away from me a little bit. Then she started coming back so I got her a new puppy. It worked for almost two years, but now she is back again.

She comes up to my arm when I am eating and literally grabs my sleeve with her paw and tries to pull my arm with the food closer to her. She is back in the morning hitting the keyboard when I type and using her own words instead of what I want. Jasmine is no longer afraid or intimidated by little Jake the dog. She kicks his butt when he pisses her off.

Oh, did I forget to say, Welcome to my Nut House.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping Antifreeze Away From Cats and Dogs

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It is the time of year again when everyone is getting his or her cars ready for the cold weather. This usually includes changing the antifreeze and flushing the radiator. Antifreeze is deadly to cats and dogs. They love the taste because it is sweet. One should never get the antifreeze sit in a puddle on the ground or leave the bottle open.

Just like kids, cats and dogs will get into trouble if they want something bad enough. It is important to take time to make sure all your pets are safe from the dangers of antifreeze. Keep all bottles of new and old antifreeze in a safe place until you can dispose of it safely.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Funny Cats We All Can Laugh At

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I love watching videos of funny cats. I try to find some that are not seen all over the place. Here are a couple that I found that I hadn’t seen yet. I hope you will find them as funny as I did. I think about the times my cats do funny things and wish I could capture it on video. Unfortunately, I never have the video running when they are acting like funny cats. It does help reduce stress and frustration when you have some funny cats to watch either on video or in your own home. They can amaze you sometimes.

These two sure know how to fight.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cat Tricks Are The Greatest To Watch

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The newest trick in my house is to unravel the edge of the carpet. See we ripped out the dining room carpet so we can put in laminate flooring. We left the carpeting in the living room and just cut it by the archway. This is open war on the carpet. Now only does big Bella think this is great to play with, but Pooh Bear the dog is in on the action.

Now there is padding under the carpet or should I say there was. We are now missing about three inches of padding because it was so much fun tearing it apart all over the place. Then you come to the unraveling of the carpet. It is fun walking around the dining room picking up little pieces of carpet fibers.

If this keeps up, I may have to put new carpet in the living room or laminate flooring like I wanted to. Maybe the cat and dog heard the argument we had. I want wood floor in both rooms and the man only wants it in the dining room. I may win this argument as well thanks to my cute little babies.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quite Days In The House Of Cats

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Yes, it has been a quiet few days around this house. Except for the dog barking constantly at squirrels outside, the cats have been well behaved. Maybe they know the changing of the seasons or something, because they have not been causing any trouble. That is except for Lexie who constantly meows at the door to go outside every time the dogs go. Other than that, it has been quiet.

In my house, I never know what to expect. The only thing I do expect is to trip over a cat on the way to the bathroom. Every day seems to bring new surprises. We did have a little bit of excitement on the dining room table. The man decided that putting all his change on top of the stack of books on the dining room table would be a good thing. Well, it was not the best thing to do.

Lexie tried to jump on the table so she could get a better view of the dogs outside, and somehow managed to hit a stack of books with all the money on. I would bet there is about five or six dollars in dimes, nickels and quarters and a few pennies all over the dining room floor. Did I pick it up? No, I was not one that was stupid enough to put it there. There are other places for money than on top of a stack of books.

Well it is time to go now there must be a rabbit or a squirrel by my window because little Jake is going nuts with uncontrolled barking. Oh, and then dad came home early from work so now both dogs are going nuts. Welcome to my madhouse. At least now, he can pick up his own money off the floor.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cat Power Rocks

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Did you know that a cat can and will do everything they can to open a door. My basement door has a hook on it because the cats know how to stick their paws under the door, stick their claws out and pull very hard until the door opens and everyone gets to explore the basement.

Then there is the back hall door. This door is never used anymore since Lexie learned how to jump on the ledge, reach around the doorframe and press the door latch to open the door.

Now we have the famous patio door screen. You know they never have locks on the screen door part, so you use two pieces of Velcro to try to keep the door closed. This would work find if Bella did not have claws. Now she knows that she open that door by sticking his claws into the screen and pulling to the right.

The only door safe from cats or dogs is the front screen door. The screen is on the top and the door not only has a lock on the door handle, it has a dead bolt lock. This door is completely animal proof.

Isn't sad when you all your doors and window mind you, have to be animal proof to prevent escapes.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cats And Water

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Most people will tell you that cats do not like water. Well they have never met my cats. The only thing I have ever counted on was a storm to bring the oldest Lexie running indoors when she escapes. Well I guess it has to be thundering and lightening out before this occurs because she enjoys being wet. She was out for 24 hours in the pouring down rain. She refused to come in the house.

She did get scared at one point when a car pulled in the driveway and I was opening the door and she ran right into it, jumped the railing and ran off the other way. I could see then she was soaking wet and did not want to come in the house. She finally came in the next day to eat and take a nap.

Now she is trying to escape all the time. There must be something out there that she wants. I know I scared the squirrel away that she was trying to get when I let the dogs out in the morning. She thinks she is fast, but I think the squirrel would have been the worst thing she needed.

I can’t wait for snow on the ground. Then she will stay in the house for a few months.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cat Urine Problems Are Now A Thing Of The Past

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Cat urine is annoying and is the hardest smell to get rid of in the home. I have perfectly trained cats that use the litter box faithfully, but I have a lazy female name Jasmine that refuses to lower her butt down into the litter box. She squats, but somehow manages to pee straight out instead of down. This means I have cat urine outside the cat litter box sometimes.

I tried bleach, commercial cat urine removers and nothing would take the smell away. I found this formula and decided that I would try it and see if it worked. I was impressed because it used products that I already had in the kitchen. Since I started using it, I have not had a problem with the cat urine smell by the litter box anymore. It was worth my investment to find out how to make my own formula and solution to clean the urine.

Now I have to see if I can find a deeper cat litter box since she does not seem to want to squat to go to the bathroom. She is a good cat, but she is fussy about how she does things. Everyone else squats with no problem. She is just different I guess.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cat Rabies In Virginia

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A cat has tested positive for rabies in Virginia. This is becoming an ongoing problem it seems like lately. The problem with cats outdoors is that they can get caught up with different critters that could carry rabies. Raccoons, bats and other wild animals are always prey for the fearless cats. Fecal cats never receive vaccinations, but cats that live in the home can be vaccinated against the rabies. Cats that contract rabies will be put down. There is no cure for cats with rabies.

People that are bitten by a rabid cat will need to undergo a series of rabies shots in order to survive. The sad thing is that rabies is not detected early enough to prevent some permanent health issues in survivors. Cats and dogs need to be vaccinated every three years against rabies and every year for distemper.

Protect your pets if you let them outside.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

All Cats And One Dog Outside

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Bella still has all his claws and knows how to open the patio screen door. Yesterday was such a nice cool day that I opened al the windows just two inches so the oldest could not push out the corner of the screen in the windows and jump out. She is great at doing this and it does not matter if they are on the second floor or the first floor. She will jump and not hurt herself at all.

Anyway, Bella opened the screen door I figure about 11 AM and Jasmine, Bella and Lexie wandered outside along with Jake the dog, who likes to try to round them up. He knows that the cats do not belong outside and he is very proud to try to catch them.

So, at 11:55 AM, I though it was very strange that the dog was gone and I had not seen a cat in a while. I had been working on the couch with the PC and was really into my articles. I got up to see where all the babies were at and sure enough, the screen door was open and everyone was gone. The yard is fenced in so that keeps the dog in, but he digs holes to escape.

Jasmine and Bella are not outside cats and only get out whenever Bella opens the door. They spook easily. Bella was on the deck stretched out in the sun. Lexie the oldest and only one that tries to get outside all the time was in the middle of the yard and Jasmine was under the deck with the dog.

I got the dog in the house and then Bella was next because he tried eat a bee. Then Lexie came up to the house to meet Jasmine and tried to take her on an outing and I grabbed her real quick. Lexie stays out for at least 12 hours. Jake the dog was very upset all day because one of his cats was outside. He begged to go outside all day so he could try to catch her. He pins her down so one of us can grab her, but she was into his games from the other day. So she would run from him.

What a wonderful day it was around here. Pooh Bear was the only good dog that stayed in the house and laid in front of the front door.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tripping Over Cats

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My cats seem to think that my feet have eyes and can see when they run in front of me when I am walking. This causes problems for both of us and usually I am the one that gets hurt. My feet do not have eyes and I do not walk with my head down, which maybe I should. I always taught to walk with your head up and your shoulders back, but I am rethinking this way of walking.

Jasmine is the worst. She has a habit of racing me to the bathroom. For some reason, this cat can be upstairs sleeping and know when I am head to the bathroom, which is downstairs. She upstairs and comes flying down the stairs and right in front of me. Now, she is not a quiet cat when she runs, but when she gets in the bathroom she turns around and walks right in front of me yes, she trips me.

This has been happening for so long that you would think that I would have padded walls in the bathroom by now to protect my body when I fly into the walls so I do not hurt her. I have never broken anything, but I have managed to cause myself some pain.

All this racing to the bathroom is so when I sit down on the toilet, I can rub her and pet her. If I don't she lets me know she is upset. She sticks her paw with her claws out on my leg and pulls at me to do what she wants. The end result is that she gets what she wants and I get little holes in my skin where the claws started going in until she got her way.

Yes, I must really love my cats. They get their way every time and they know how to do it.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soft Claws Caps For Your Cat

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The Soft Claws Caps are said to be safe for cats. The product sounds interesting and easy enough to use, but, have you ever tried to get the cats claws out and try to put a glue soaked tiny cap on it. Come on. I know my cats and they are not going to fall for this at all.

Yes, the product is an alternative to declawing the cats. However, to what extent are people willing to go through to cap those claws? You know how tiny cat's claws are and they have to be manual forced out. Then you have to take this tiny cap, get the glue inside and slip it onto each claw. Two paws times five claws is ten times you have to do this.

Soft Claws Caps you say. I see mess, cat scratches, cat cries and even blood. I see torment and frustration. I see horror in my eyes as the cats claws stick into my arms and hands.

I think I will live with the occasional scratching at the chair or the carpet. I think I will live with the kneading on mom's stomach or rib cage and the little whimpers because of pain that comes out of my mouth.

Soft Claws Caps might be good for some, but not these cats or their mom.

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